Aleksey Kulik

Aleksey Kulik was born in the town of Pushkin in the Leningrad Region of Russia. He graduated from Saint Petersburg State University with a degree in journalism. His career path started with a job as a freelance reporter for a newspaper in Kaliningrad. Sometime later, he was offered a job on a radio station and then on TV. After completing a safety training programme at Gotland University (Sweden) and a special course for journalists working in conflict zones, Aleksey worked as a war correspondent for Rossiya-1, Channel One, and RT.

Aleksey joined RT Documentary in 2013. During his time with RTD, he’s worked on several projects, most notably ‘Trauma. Paramedics risk their lives to save injured civilians in Donetsk, Ukraine’, ‘MH17: A year without the truth. A year after the disaster, RTD looks at the alternative evidence on who shot down Flight MH-17’, ‘Facing the War. Ukrainian WWII veterans caught up in the new conflict’.

In August 2014, he reported from the city of Donetsk, the hub of the anti-government movement in the East of Ukraine. At the time, the city was being heavily shelled by Kiev forces. He put together several special reports about the humanitarian crisis gripping the East of the country.

“For me, documentary filmmaking is about sharing the reality as it is with the viewer, with no framing or judgement. We are filming life as it is, and this requires a lot of effort”.