Ekaterina Kozhakina

Ekaterina was born in Orenburg. She graduated from the directors’ department of the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, where she specialized in directing television programs. During her studies, Ekaterina made two shorts that received awards at Russian and international film festivals: ‘Inheritor’ (2013) and ‘Flying-Away Monakhov’ (2014). Since 2011, she has worked as a TV screenwriter and documentary film director for several production companies and Russian national television channels.

After joining RT Documentary in 2016, Ekaterina mastered the art of a reporter and of a cameraman. She is the author of all the documentaries she directs. During her time with RTD, Ekaterina has completed several dozen projects, most notably ‘Bolshoi: Pas-de-Brazil’, ‘Rad or Dead’, ‘Model Prisoners’, and ‘Ebola: Surviving Survival’.

“For me, working with RT Documentary is about discovering my country and the world. It’s about meeting interesting people, who I would have never met if I had chosen another career path. It’s about telling the stories of these people to the world and thus helping them to change their lives for the better”.

Films with this author