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Akhal-Teke Horses: Heavenly Creatures

Spectacular horses from Turkmenistan shatter world records

The Akhal-Teke, the closest descendant of wild horses, is the world's most expensive and popular breed. They are characterised by remarkable speed, endurance and rapid recovery. Orazguly Babalyev, an honoured horse breeder from Turkmenistan, comes from a family deeply involved with racehorses for generations. "My father at one time - back in the Soviet era - in 1956, took a trip to England, where he presented the Queen with an Akhal-Teke horse called 'Melegush.' I also travel to different countries, on behalf of the Esteemed Arkadag, taking along with me Turkmen racehorses as a gift," says Orazguly. His family follows the old belief that such a horse is the wings of a Turkmen, and they treat the Akhal-Teke as members of their families. In this new documentary, discover how these precious horses are bred and why genetic tests are performed on each newborn. Learn more about how they are trained to become race winners, capable of covering a distance of 100 metres in just 4 seconds.