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Chechen Flair

Muslim traditions and exclusive embroidery: the embodiment of Chechen culture

Curious about Chechnya's fashion trailblazers? Wondering about how style evolves in this traditional society? This documentary explores how the architects of Chechen fashion unveil their rich cultural heritage. The Chechen Republic is a region in the North Caucasus of Russia, with abundant mountains and waterfalls, talented people, and most importantly, a culture of great originality. The Chechen Fashion House works to preserve national traditions, and blend it with new trends. Thanks to the designers, Chechen football players have become style icons in the republic. Their costumes are not just fashionable, they are sewn strictly in accordance with Chechen traditions. For example, with a certain number of buttons and pockets. Find out how modern Chechen fashion integrates current fashion trends in its art form.