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Feminine Front

Women in Donbass take up arms to defend their homes

Since 2014 Donbass citizens have faced violence and bombing. The government’s armed forces that once defended civilians’ security, have become a tool against the people of Donbass. ‘We were still basically part of Ukraine at the time, and that ruler who gave the order to shoot at and destroy cities, to bomb them, he has already committed a crime against his own people', said Olga Kachura, code-named Korsa. She used to be an officer in the regular Ukrainian military, but her government’s actions left Olga with no way to honour her oath. She joined the militia to defend her home and became the only woman to serve as a senior commander.

This film shows Olga Kachura’s last interview before she was killed by Ukrainian shelling on her way from hospital. Olga had hoped to see her grandchildren, but, like many Donbass women, she gave her own life to save others.

Find out what it means to be a woman on the frontline, and see women can be stronger than men.