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Girl Power: Hindi Style

How the Gulabi Gang fights for women's rights in India

The story of RT Documentary's film Girl Power: Hindi Style is built around the of the ‘Pink’ Gang or in Hindi, the Gulabi Gang, in India. It is organised by Sampat Pal, a charismatic gang leader and activist who fights for women's rights and protects women from domestic abuse.

Sampat Pal's movement Gulabi Gang has become so popular that once people see a woman in a pink sari with a stick, they know better than to mess with her: she is under the protection of Sampat Pal. Sampat gives women victims of domestic abuse classes on self-defence. They learn to fight with a stick and find out ways to safely turn down a man's unwanted attention, which may result in an attack or even rape. However, women's rights in India have a long way to go before they start to work, and the Gulabi Gang initiative is the first big step.
Sampat Pal doesn't just focus on the physical side. She also acts as a counsellor for domestic abuse victims or those who find themselves in a difficult situation. Sampat Pal gives support and advice, teaches them self respect. Women from all over the country know Sampat Pal and come to join the Gulabi Gang.
But the success of her initiative doesn't only come with the support of women. Sampat Pal is such a good diplomat; she's earned the respect of the authorities, who listen to her. This is why a lot of what she does for women's rights in India is so effective.

What significant changes in the lives of Indian women has Sampat Pal made with the Gulabi Gang? Watch our film and learn more about this amazing woman and her work!