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Signora Anti-NATO

A Life of Protest Against Military Alliance

Italian activist Marinella Correggia campaigns passionately against NATO, blaming the alliance for political and economic instability in countries where it has intervened.  She believes that pre-emptive strikes against terrorists and bringing democracy to the people are no more than flimsy pretexts for a very different agenda. She is convinced that the current refugee crisis is a direct consequence of needless NATO intervention.

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Marinella is ashamed of her own country and chooses to stand with those on the receiving end of the bombs. She has been to Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya when NATO conducted military operations there. She has talked to families affected by NATO action and now, she wants the alliance held to account. For that, she’s building a case and looking for people willing to sue the massive war machine.

She collects testimony and evidence and tries to convince victims to speak out in hopes that legal process will bring an end to NATO’s abuse of power. She insists that NATO has committed criminal acts and must answer for them in a court of law. Marinella hopes to obtain compensation for NATO’s victims and to achieve legal condemnation of its actions.

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Marinella compares herself to a little donkey challenging a tyrannosaurus: one woman taking on an international military machine might seem a losing battle from the start. Nevertheless, Marinella is driven to continue her activism, drawing attention to NATO’s abuse of power, asking awkward questions and trying to take the alliance to court. She invites others to join her cause and when enough have, a multitude of tenacious donkeys might just be able to defeat a dinosaur. RT Doc follows Marinella Correggia from Italy to North Africa on her quest for justice.