Red Alert | Warsaw Syndrome

Poland has been very vocal about their anti-Russia stance with the various rhetorics they have been dishing out lately. The EU country put forward the most radical plan that will bring a complete halt to Russian energy imports. The reverberating effect was a severe economic crisis that plagued the country, leaving most of its population in dire situation to make ends meet.

Despite the challenges of the masses, the Polish elites went on to bolster sanctions against Russia. “If it wasn't for Russophobia and for them talking and trumpeting every day, people would have started asking why we don't buy cheap gas and oil through the pipeline, but import it from the US instead, or maybe Qatar,” says Mariusz Świder, former adviser to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland.

While ordinary Europeans are burdened with soaring energy bills, the Polish elite concluded lucrative infrastructure contracts for receiving liquefied natural gas from the United States. “This serves the interests of US corporations trading in LNG, but is contrary to the interests of European consumers. In Poland, they want to build a 2nd terminal of this kind to expand on the existing terminal in Swinoujscie. But no one talks about the average cost of that gas, which experts calculate will be about 80% higher than the price of gas previously bought from Gazprom”, explains Mateusz Piskorski, Political Scientist and former Sejm Deputy.

The new episode of Red Alert explores who are the real beneficiaries of the European energy crisis, shedding light on the motivations at play.