Best Bolshoi Theatre documentaries for ballet aficionados.

Here you can watch documentaries giving an insight into the Bolshoi Theatre, one of Russia’s trademarks, well known for its magnificent opera and ballet performances. Founded by Russian Empress Catherine the Great in the 18th century, today it attracts ballet fans, who dream of seeing at least one show in their lifetime.

Thousands of people work hard behind the scenes. But first and foremost, success depends on the artists who perform on stage. Very few people know of the blood, sweat and tears it takes to give a high-end performance.

Our film crews were given a unique opportunity to follow up-and-coming and established ballet stars as they go through their paces during gruelling training, rehearsals, and tours.
You’re also able to see the unique ballet school, created by the Bolshoi Theatre on the other side of the world. The Brazilian city of Joinville is home to a school preparing world-class dancers and is a social lift for young kids from impoverished slum families.