Oleg Nekishev

Oleg Nekishev was born in Omsk, Siberia, Russia. He majored in electrical engineering. In the mid-1990s, he worked as a technician for VGTRK – a Russian state-own broadcasting company. At the time, he took an interest in TV journalism. Oleg gained his first experience in journalism on a Moscow Region TV channel. Since then, he has advanced and worked as a vice-chairman and editor in chief of several TV companies. However, new job responsibilities required deeper knowledge, so he obtained a degree from the First National School of Television.

In 2008, Oleg joined RT as the chief editor of a weekly TV documentary programme and advanced to become the head of the TV Programmes Department. Since September 2015, Oleg has been working as an RTD film director. During his time with RTD, he worked on more than a dozen projects, most notably ‘Enslaved by the Cult’, ‘Big Sister’, ‘Women Built the City’, ‘War As a Working Place’, and ‘Syrian Diaries’.

“What I like most about documentary filmmaking is the chance to meet interesting people and learn something new, to sympathise with the protagonists and discuss their thoughts and problems as equals, no matter what their age, social status and background are”.

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