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'Vostok' Battalion Brotherhood

For nine years soldiers defend their homeland: story from the frontlines

Since 2014 Vostok fighters have defended Donbass’ independence and stand at the forefront of the fight for freedom. This film was shot just 300 meters from the enemy in the midst of intense gunfire and mortar attacks. To capture the fighters' daily work, the film crew spent several days with Vostok warriors in the most dangerous zones of Donbass. The guys have become accustomed to constant risk and danger, and they're just trying to enjoy simple daily things like a good cup of coffee. They are dreaming to return to their families and peaceful life, but as long as Ukrainian Nazis continue to ravage the lives of people in Donbass, Vostok warriors see no other option than continue to fight. Some joined the front-line units to protect their children, others were led by conviction. However, a simple desire to restore justice and protect their homeland is what unites the defenders of Donbass.