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Filatov: The Unsaid

A candid narrative by the war correspondent from Donbass frontlines

Andrey Filatov began his career as a war correspondent in Syria. Despite promising his wife to leave behind the perilous profession after their marriage, he was forced to break his word when civilians in Donbass became targets of Ukrainian nationalists' fire. From the onset of a special military operation, Andrey immediately thrust himself onto the frontlines. Living among the fighters, he not only documents their daily lives but also actively assists them. Drawing from his extensive experience in conflict zones, Andrey immediately recognized that he could be of enormous help to the fighters. Between reporting from the hotspots, he conducts reconnaissance, raises funds for his unit, and devises strategies to lighten the burden for those serving on the frontlines. Watch the documentary to unveil the often unseen aspects of the hazardous profession of a war correspondent.