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2052 See the Future

Will technologies replace humans?

What technologies will transform our life beyond recognition in the coming years?

Eye-tracking, artificial intelligence, clinical neurotechnologies, virtual reality — all of these have already entered our daily lives. Many scientists and researchers doubt whether it is a right decision to let modern technologies get so close to people, fearing it will lead to irreversible consequences. Professors from the Higher School of Economics present brand-new inventions and technologies they have made and explain how they can be integrated in everyday life.

'I think the future will be interesting. Interesting meaning it will allow everyone to realise their potential. There will be positive moments, as well as difficult, hard times. But it is inevitable,' says Alexander Chulok, director of the Statistical Studies Institute.

However, people are still wondering whether artificial intelligence will replace humans and make some professions unneeded or will it help us build a better future?