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World War Zero. Lost in Action

How an international crew recovers the remains of fallen Crimean War soldiers

RT Documentary goes back in time to explore the reasons for and the course of the Crimean War (1853-1856). The film is a mix of historical re-enactment and the present day: a group of international scientists excavate and rebury the remains of fallen soldiers in the Crimean War.

Pierre Malinowski, head of the Russian-French Relations Development Fund, is the driving force behind the initiative. He’s fascinated by the history of the Crimean War, and how circumstances can miraculously connect people and make a story.

During his project on General Gudin, who fell in the 1812 war in Russia, Mr. Malinowski talked to the D’Orleans family, French descendants of the General. While working on the project, Mr. Malinowski took a fancy to an old desk the family had. It turned out the desk had belonged to General Gudin’s great-grandson who fought at Sevastopol.

The D’Orleans family has become the link between two major historic events: the war of 1812 and the Crimean War. The father of the family says their ancestors had been involved in fighting since the Middle Ages. This was one of the amazing coincidences that encouraged Malinowski to start the excavations.

The fallen soldiers will be identified and given an honourable burial, regardless of which side they were on. They are part of history and must be respected and treated decently for the sake of their families.

During the excavation and ID process, the scientists made numerous extraordinary discoveries, and learnt many heartfelt stories about the soldiers and their lives. Watch the film and experience the excitement of history unfolding before your eyes.