12 craziest extreme sports documentaries that take you on the ride of your life!!!

RTD’s extreme sports documentaries are packed with death-defying stunts and mind-boggling entertainment. In our films, young parkour fanatics in Gaza explain what drives them to jump from to building, and you can learn all about Kyrgyzstan’s version of polo, where players use a goat instead of a ball.

Extreme sports documentaries
In extreme dog-sledging races such as the Beringia, in Russia's Kamchatka, success requires not only fighting the elements but bonding with the dogs and coaxing the best performances out of them.

In RTD’s extreme sports documentaries, you can also meet the top freedivers going for new records under the Arctic ice, or wingsuits addicts flying (too) close to cliffs, and support competitors in the European Ice Speedway championship as they race motorbikes without brakes on ice.