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Hot Race, Cold Dogs

2,100 km by dog sled across Kamchatka’s wild tundra

The Beringia race lasts a whole month and winds 2,100 kilometres across Kamchatka’s vast, snowy wilderness. It’s an annual dog sled race that pushes humans and canines far beyond their limits in extreme temperatures and inhospitable, yet hauntingly beautiful landscapes.

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Fifteen sled drivers and their dogs will plough through an average of 100km per day, running along the edge of the Bering Sea and deep into the Kamchatka Peninsula. The Beringia’s trails can turn treacherous in the blink of an eye, as weather conditions change from calm to severe.

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However, the participants are raring to start and compete for a prize of nearly $50,000. Veteran mushers and first-timers, we follow the contestants and their furry teammates throughout this incredible and exhilarating race.