10 documentaries about most common and distressing mental ilnesses in modern society you should watch

These top five documentaries from RTD give an insight into mental health in the 21st century.

1. Learn how some of Russia’s criminally insane are being aided by art therapy in ‘Imprisoned by Insanity.’ Even the most troubled criminal can face the realities of their wrongdoing and go forward with their life.

2. The plight of children virtually forgotten by the system is highlighted in the heart-wrenching RTD documentary, ‘My Forever Family’ Charity workers travel to far-flung children’s homes across Russia searching for kids who need urgent intervention. They’re brought to Moscow for treatment and the chance of finding a new home and family.

3. The alienation of modern society is put into focus by the ground-breaking documentary ‘Hikikomori Loveless’ from RTD. The film is a disturbing vision of young Japanese men who are overcome by the pressure to succeed and have given up on life to become hermits in their own homes.

4. When the internet becomes an addiction, what can you do? In China, RTD discovered boot camps designed to reprogram young men hooked on online gaming. The documentary ‘China’s Digital Detox’ gets unlimited access to one of the retraining camps, and shows the strict military regime used to wean the men off their love of the internet.

5. The worrying state of mental health treatment in the United States is investigated in the compelling documentary ‘Overpill.’ Pressure from the pharmaceutical industry means there’s a pill for every type of mental problem. Unfortunately, sometimes the medication is more of a problem than a cure.

 Watch more mental health documentaries below: