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A Bear's Tale

Can a bear become a pet?

‘Bears are very clean animals. Water is like a second home to them', says Andrey. While working as a pilot at an airfield, he met an orphaned bear cub and started to take care of him. He and his friends called him Mansur.

All the while the animal was small, it was fun and easy to keep him, but adult bears need a lot of space and up to 20 kg of food per day. It was too late to return Mansur to the wild, and crowdfunding became the ideal solution to meeting his needs.

With the help of volunteers from 16 countries, they launched an online reality show about Mansur’s life. His bear enclosure is under round-the-clock observation, and watching how Mansur keeps himself busy has become a popular internet sensation. He’s also been known to befriend foxes, cats and hedgehogs, which are sometimes caught on camera while visiting their giant friend.

The Documentary explains why Mansur is known to some as a ‘forest cow’ and looks at how bears are treated in different parts of the world.