Top 5 Psychiatry documentaries on how tricky dealing with the mind can be

The human mind is a wondrous thing, it can be creative, thoughtful, and loving, but when things go wrong it can be destructive and deadly. We examine all aspects of the brain in RTD’s Psychiatry documentaries. From dealing with post-traumatic stress from combat to the battle within the mind over one’s sexuality. Here are the top 5 psychiatry documentaries that will blow your mind.

1. Overpill

In the United States, it’s become commonplace to cope with mental problems by taking prescribed medication. However, taking drugs for extended periods can create their own psychiatric problems. In Overpill we look at the increasing dangers of using psychotropic drugs to treat anxiety and depression. We discover how young children are becoming hooked on medication.

2. I Want My Sex Back

The documentary I Want My Sex Back looks at those who have reverted after a sex-change operation. Gender dysphoria leads to people undergoing sex reassignment surgery, but for some, it doesn’t solve their inner problems. In the documentary we meet three men who became women, only to revert to being male again.

3. See Me, Hear Me

The prejudices against those with autism are explored in the documentary See Me, Hear Me. In Russia, there can be little understanding of the condition, and those who are on the autism spectrum face alienation and distrust. We meet Timur whose family gave up on him and placed him in care and Andrey who lost his flat after being tricked by a trusted aunt.

4. US Veterans: Not Forgotten

Many US military veterans feel let down by the country they served. After fighting in wars overseas they come back diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Once home, many fail to cope and their lives can spiral downwards. US Veterans: Not Forgotten looks at a charity in New Mexico that helps veterans with PTSD return to living a normal life.

5. Hikikomori

The pressures to succeed in Japanese society are immense. The documentary Hikikomori Loveless uncovers the young men who give up and become hermits in their own homes. Family and peer pressure is too great for them and the hideaway for days in their room, only leaving to eat and bathe.

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