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Battle for freedom: ‘Akhmat’ Special forces

Chechen special forces liberate the Ukraine

‘We are children of war. We are tired of it. We know what it is; we’ve been through it,’ says Ramzan Dzhakuev, Deputy Chairman of the Chechen Council of Veterans. The difficult past of the Chechens determined their present as one of the most motivating parts of the Russian army. According to Akhmed Dudaev, Chechen Republic Minister for National Policy, Chechens lost 300,000 people during the First and Second Chechen wars. He claims the collective West tried to use the Chechen Republic as a weapon to destroy the Russian Federation. Today Chechen soldiers call themselves Akhmat Special forces and are ready to complete every task to prevent this scenario in Ukraine.

Chechen soldiers have vast experience in fighting against terrorists and extremists from all around the world. It is not only the combat they went through but also special military training at the Russian Special Forces University. From the start of the special operation in Ukraine, Chechen units took part in all significant battles. They consider the involvement in the liberation of the Ukrainian people from neo-Nazism an honour. “You should face death heroically. When seeing my son off, my parting words to him were, ‘You must go in front of your comrades, not behind them,’ so he would protect his guys, but be in the front line himself,” says Ibragim Musaev, father of a Russian National Guard member, who enlisted in the special operation.