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Esports. Tapping for Glory

Inside Professional Gaming

Have you ever dreamed of getting paid to play video games? That’s a reality for a small number of elite esports athletes. They train hard to compete in big tournaments for hefty cash prizes. The top stars can earn as much as traditional sportsmen. Millions tune in to watch big esport events, with some championships attracting more spectators than a Beyonce concert. Video games are no longer just a fun pastime for teenagers.

In ‘Esports. Tapping for Glory’, we explore how video games have evolved into a thriving entertainment industry with nearly 3 billion regular players around the world. Video game development has become increasingly complex, rivalling Hollywood in terms of outreach, production values, costs, and the numbers of people behind the scenes. The film also takes a look at streaming coverage and why so many spectators enjoy watching others play. Finally, cyber athletes reveal more about the life of a pro gamer.