Algorithms Decide: Digital Technology that Puts Critical Thinking on the Chopping Block | I am Hacked. Episode 8

If you think the internet is a free realm where one can access any information one’s looking for, think twice. These days top tech corporations shape almost 100% of the information space we live in by deciding which content we should or shouldn’t see. Up to 70% of the information is hidden from users – this is how most search engines are calibrated. Coupled with the phenomenon of “attention economy” - the latest approach that treats users’ attention as a scarce commodity – the internet censorship creates an unhealthy environment where “users” become “usees”, with their beliefs, interests and lifestyles manipulated and controlled.

An illusion that a person with no social media presence doesn’t exist affects how we perceive ourselves. As a result, likes and followers have become an ultimate value. In the eighth episode of I Am Hacked, tech experts, futurologists, and cyber analysts discuss if we’re slipping into a social dystopia where the line between real and virtual will be irreparably blurred.