Acting as a life-saver in RTD’s theatre documentaries

The documentary Deaf Theatre goes behind the scenes of the Nedoslov Theatre, where the actors are all deaf or hard of hearing. The film shows the everyday lives of the actors, who spend their days holding down regular jobs and at night shine in the spotlight on stage. Most have learned their skills at a special theatre school for the deaf. The use of sign language on stage gives each performance a bonus you don’t find in a regular theatre. You’ll have never heard of veteran actor Dmitry Polyakov, as he’s one of the stars in the unique Theater of the Open-Hearted. The troupe all have Down Syndrome and perform to packed houses. In the film Love Syndrome, Dmitry has to make the agonising decision to give up the acting he loves due to health problems. How will he cope, and how will the company get along without him? A revolution is underway at the Free Debut Theatre. The documentary Sprat in Boots highlights this extraordinary theatre company where all the actors are convicts, and so are their audiences. Theatre has become a way of rehabilitation for men like Dmitry, who got into trouble after drinking heavily. Colleague Irakly loves acting, but is torn as he needs redemption for his past crimes.

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