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Bolshoi: Pas-de-Brazil

Brazil’s Bolshoi Theatre School turns favela kids into ballet stars

The Bolshoi only has one overseas Ballet school, and it's about as far from Russia as you can get… in Brazil! A pas de deux between the world’s most renowned ballet company and the remote city of Joinville led to the founding of the Bolshoi ballet school in Brazil in 2000. According to its founders, the school is more than a ballet academy; it’s a social project that helps talented children from low-income families. At the Bolshoi ballet school, they study for free, so they can develop their talent and use ballet as their route out of poverty.

Bolshoi Theatre school in Joinville, Escola do Teatro Bolshoi no Brasil
Bolshoi Theatre School in the Brazilian city of Joinville is where new ballet stars are made. In almost 20 years around 340 students have graduated, and 254 of them are professional dancers working around the world. © Manuela Schneider