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Deaf Theatre

Hearing-impaired actors touch audiences with the language of the heart

Nedoslov Theatre for deaf actors in Moscow, puts on sign language plays with voice overs as well as wordless performances for deaf and hearing spectators. The performers have all studied at the Russian State Special Institute of Arts, although they may have day jobs in factories.

RTD follows hearing impaired actors on and off the stage, and meets the directors and coaches who help them to translate classics of literature into the language of the body and the heart. Emboldened by their new skills and the confidence that goes with it, some prove themselves outside the theatre. These deaf performing artists show they can be at home on TV sets, in hip hop battles or even as matinee idols drawing in fans through their sign language renditions of pop romances. As it turns out, all they ever wanted, all they ever needed, is right there, in their arms…