Red Alert | Hybrid Warfare

‘The fact of the matter is that we [the US] have encouraged Ukraine to fight a war that they have no chance of winning, and our advisors are in Kiev, they’re advising Zelensky on what to do over and over again,’ says Richard Black, retired colonel and former Virginia State senator. He is convinced that the West for decades, was engaging Russia in hostilities and has finally succeeded. Officially, the USA and Europe are not involved in the operation. However, in reality, they provide weapons used against Russia and employ all means to convince the world of Russia's aggression. Experts and heroes of the documentary shed light on why Ukraine has become a tool in the hybrid warfare waged against Russia. How has decades of hostility and geopolitical manoeuvring between the West and Russia have set the stage for the current situation? Where else has hybrid warfare been employed as a tool in global power struggles?